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PM Addresses Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Mela – Emphasizes Education and Development

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Mela via video link, focusing on the importance of education, development, and positive decision-making. Key highlights from his address include:

Educational Responsibility

  • The Prime Minister emphasized the significance of the new teachers receiving their appointment letters, stating that they have the vital responsibility of shaping the future generations of India. He commended the recruitment of over 50,000 teachers in Madhya Pradesh over the last 3 years.
  • These new recruits are expected to play a key role in implementing the National Education Policy, which aims to combine traditional knowledge with future technology. The curriculum in primary education has been updated, with a focus on education in regional languages.

Positive Decision-Making and Progress

  • Prime Minister Modi highlighted the importance of making decisions with positive thinking, the right intention, and full integrity, which contributes to a positive environment. He shared two positive pieces of news: a significant reduction in poverty and an increase in prosperity in India.
  • According to NITI Aayog, 13.5 crore Indians have risen above the poverty line in just 5 years. Additionally, income tax return data showed a substantial increase in average income from Rs 4 lakhs in 2014 to Rs 13 lakhs in 2023.
  • The Prime Minister noted that this increase in income reflects growing employment opportunities and the strengthening of various sectors in the country.

Development and Welfare of the Poor

  • Prime Minister Modi emphasized that stopping leakage from the system enabled the government to increase spending on the welfare of the poor. He highlighted the success of the Common Service Center initiative, which has created employment opportunities in rural areas.
  • The Prime Minister mentioned the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, aimed at adapting traditional skills to the needs of the 21st century. This scheme will benefit those associated with 18 different types of skills, with about 13 thousand crore rupees allocated for its implementation.

Continuous Learning

  • In conclusion, Prime Minister Modi encouraged the new teachers to continue their learning process. He mentioned the online learning platform, IGoT Karmayogi, and urged the recruits to make the most of this facility.

This address underscores the government’s commitment to education, development, and creating opportunities for the youth of India.

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