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Modi Applauds DRDO’s Achievement in Agni-V Missile Test

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi lauded the achievement of the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) in successfully conducting the first flight test of the Agni-V ballistic missile with Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) technology under Mission Divyastra. This technological breakthrough represents a significant advancement in India’s nuclear weapons program, showcasing the nation’s growing capabilities in missile technology.

Milestone in India’s Nuclear Weapons Program

  • The successful test-firing of the Agni-V ballistic missile with MIRV technology is a testament to India’s indigenous technological prowess and scientific expertise.
  • With the ability to deploy multiple warheads from a single missile, the Agni-V demonstrates India’s enhanced capabilities in nuclear deterrence and strategic defense.

Government’s Recognition and Support

  • Prime Minister Modi expressed pride in the achievements of DRDO scientists, highlighting their dedication and contribution to Mission Divyastra.
  • Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also commended the DRDO team for their remarkable achievement, emphasizing the significance of India’s entry into the select group of nations with MIRV capability.

Technological Advancements and Strategic Implications

  • The successful test-firing, conducted from Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Island in Odisha, showcased India’s technological prowess and precision in missile technology.
  • The MIRV technology ensures that a single missile can effectively target multiple locations, enhancing India’s strategic capabilities and deterrence posture.

Geostrategic Significance and Future Implications

  • President Darupadi Murmu hailed the test as a key milestone in India’s pursuit of greater geostrategic role and capabilities, emphasizing the nation’s commitment to self-reliance.
  • The test underscores India’s determination to keep pace with evolving regional and global security dynamics, particularly in light of China’s rapid modernization of its nuclear arsenal.


The successful test-firing of the Agni-V missile with MIRV technology marks a significant achievement for India’s defense capabilities and reaffirms the nation’s commitment to bolstering its strategic deterrent. As India continues to assert its technological prowess on the global stage, the Agni-V test stands as a testament to the country’s growing stature as a responsible nuclear power.

Source: The Hindu

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