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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Visit to Kaziranga National Park

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On Saturday, March 9, 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was spotted offering sugarcane to elephants at Kaziranga National Park in Assam. | Photo Credit: X@narendramodi

On March 9, Prime Minister Narendra Modi embarked on a historic journey to Kaziranga National Park in Assam, marking his inaugural visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here’s a breakdown of his notable activities during this memorable trip:

Exploring the Wildlife Sanctuary

  • Mr. Modi indulged in both elephant and jeep safaris within the park, a unique experience that allowed him to immerse himself in the breathtaking beauty of Assam’s natural landscape.
  • Donning jungle attire consisting of fatigue, a jacket, and a hat, the Prime Minister embarked on an elephant safari aboard ‘Pradyumna,’ accompanied by the skilled mahout, Raju.
  • The safari route led through the scenic Mihimukh area of the Central Kohora Range, offering glimpses of the diverse flora and fauna that inhabit the park.

Interaction with Conservation Guardians

  • During his excursion, Mr. Modi had the privilege of engaging with various key figures dedicated to the conservation of Kaziranga. This included discussions with the remarkable ‘Van Durga’ team, comprised of women forest guards renowned for their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the park’s natural treasures.
  • The Prime Minister also interacted with elephant mahouts and forest officials, gaining insights into their invaluable contributions to wildlife preservation efforts.

Wildlife Encounters

  • Amidst his safari adventures, PM Modi encountered a myriad of wildlife species, including the iconic one-horned rhinoceros, wild buffaloes, deer, and a diverse array of avian species.
  • Notably, a majestic tiger crossed paths with the Prime Minister’s entourage, providing a thrilling moment amidst the serene wilderness of Kaziranga.

Commendation for Conservation Efforts

  • Expressing admiration for the dedication and courage displayed by the Van Durga team, Mr. Modi took to Twitter to acknowledge their pivotal role in safeguarding the park’s natural heritage.
  • His visit underscored the government’s commitment to environmental conservation and recognition of the crucial role played by local communities and conservationists in preserving India’s rich biodiversity.

Future Plans and Engagements

  • Following his exhilarating wildlife expedition, Prime Minister Modi’s itinerary included the inauguration of the ‘Statue of Valour’ honoring the legendary Ahom general Lachit Barphukan in Jorhat.
  • Additionally, he participated in the inauguration and foundation stone-laying ceremony for various central and state projects totaling approximately ₹18,000 crore in Meleng Meteli Pothar.
  • The Prime Minister also addressed a public gathering, reaffirming the government’s commitment to holistic development and environmental stewardship in the region.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Kaziranga National Park not only showcased his appreciation for India’s natural heritage but also highlighted the importance of sustainable conservation practices in preserving the country’s ecological treasures for future generations.

Source: The Hindu

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