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Parliament: A Living Symbol of Dialogue and Democracy

The Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla, recently delivered an insightful reflection on the significance of Parliament during the first day of the Special Session of Parliament. He emphasized that Parliament serves as a living symbol of the culture of dialogue, playing a pivotal role in shaping India’s democratic journey over the last 75 years.

The Role of Parliament in Decision-Making

Speaker Om Birla underscored that, throughout its history, Parliament has witnessed both agreements and disagreements among various political parties. However, it has consistently prioritized collective decision-making in the nation’s interest. Through thoughtful parliamentary deliberations, laws have been crafted to bring about socio-economic changes in the lives of the people.

Parliament’s Resilience in Times of Crisis

Even during times of adversity, including disasters and crises, Parliament has stood firm with solidarity and unwavering commitment. It has been a beacon of stability in the face of challenges, demonstrating the resilience of India’s democratic institutions.

Hopes for the New Parliament House

Speaker Om Birla expressed optimism about the future as Parliament prepares to shift to its new building. He anticipates that all Members of Parliament will enter the new Parliament House with renewed hopes and expectations. He believes that this transition will pave the way for India’s democracy to reach new heights.

Historical Significance of Parliament

The Speaker highlighted the historical significance of the current Parliament House. It has borne witness to monumental events such as India’s independence, the crafting of the Constitution of India, and the remarkable democratic journey of the nation. This iconic building holds a special place in the heart of Indian democracy.

Acknowledging Past Contributions

Speaker Om Birla paid tribute to his predecessors in the Speaker’s chair. He noted the invaluable contributions of Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar, the first Speaker of independent India, who established crucial parliamentary committees and laid the foundation for the highest traditions within Parliament. The legacy of these 16 former Speakers continues to shape and uphold the best traditions of India’s democracy.

In conclusion, Parliament, as described by Speaker Om Birla, is not merely a legislative body but a living symbol of dialogue, democracy, and the nation’s progress. It stands as a testament to India’s commitment to collective decision-making and the enduring strength of its democratic institutions.

Source: The Hindu

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