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Government Calls Special Session of Parliament

The Indian government has made a surprising announcement, calling for a special session of Parliament from September 18 to September 22, consisting of five sittings. This move comes in the wake of the G20 meeting held in the national capital and is expected to serve as an opportunity for the government to highlight its achievements.

New Parliament House

While the agenda for this special session has not been officially disclosed, sources suggest that it might take place in the new Parliament House building inaugurated in May. The Winter Session of Parliament, typically held in November-December, might be delayed due to upcoming state elections, making this special session crucial for the government to showcase its accomplishments.

Showcasing Success

The government aims to showcase two major successes during this session. Firstly, the successful hosting of the G20 summit, which is a significant achievement on the international stage. Secondly, the triumphant launch of Chandrayaan III, India’s moon mission. These accomplishments are expected to be presented as ushering in a new era for the country.

Domestic and International Politics

This special session serves a dual purpose, addressing both domestic and international politics. It aims to bolster the government’s image as a harbinger of positive change within the nation. Additionally, it will set the stage for the forthcoming P20 summit, where parliamentary speakers from G20 countries will convene in New Delhi in October.

Opposition Reaction

In response to this announcement, some members of the opposition have raised questions. They view it as a strategic move to divert attention from other issues and manage the news cycle. Regardless, the special session is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the political landscape.

This special session of Parliament signifies an important moment in India’s political calendar, as the government seizes the opportunity to highlight its achievements on both national and global fronts.

Source: Indian Express

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