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Haldwani violence: what is Nazool land


Prelims: Polity, Nazool land
Mains: General Studies-II, Governance

Why in News ?

  • Violence erupted in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani district on February 8 after the administration conducted a demolition drive at the site of a mosque and madrasa, allegedly on Nazool land.

About the Nazool Land

  • What is Nazool Land?
    • Nazool land is owned by the government but most often not directly administered as state property.
    • The state generally allots such land to any entity on lease for a fixed period, generally between 15 and 99 years.
    • In case the lease term is expiring, one can approach the authority to renew the lease by submitting a written application to the Revenue Department of the local development authority.
    • The government is free to either renew the lease or cancel it — taking back Nazool land.
    • In almost all major cities of India, Nazool land has been allotted to different entities for a variety of different purposes.
  • Origin of Nazool Land
    • During British rule, kings and kingdoms which opposed the British frequently revolted against them, leading to several battles between them and the British Army.
    • Upon defeating these kings in battle, the British would often take their land away from them.
    • After India got Independence, the British vacated these lands.
  • The government generally uses Nazool land for public purposes like building schools, hospitals, Gram Panchayat buildings, etc.
  • Several cities in India have also seen large tracts of land denoted as Nazool land used for housing societies, generally on lease.

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