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Centre Issues Advisory to GenAI Companies Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

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In a significant move ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has issued an advisory to generative AI companies, including Google and OpenAI, operating in India. The advisory emphasizes the importance of ensuring that AI-generated responses comply with Indian laws and do not jeopardize the integrity of the electoral process.

Purpose of the Advisory

Minister of State for Electronics and IT, Rajeev Chandrasekhar, highlighted that the advisory aims to address concerns regarding the integrity of the electoral process amidst the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The government is taking proactive measures to prevent misinformation and the spread of deepfakes that could influence the election outcome.

Scope of the Advisory

The advisory specifically targets generative AI platforms, including foundational models and wrappers, cautioning them against generating responses that violate Indian laws or threaten the integrity of the electoral process. Additionally, platforms allowing the creation of deepfakes, such as Adobe, are also covered under the advisory.

Regulatory Measures

Chandrasekhar outlined the regulatory measures that may follow the advisory, indicating a potential future legislative action to regulate generative AI platforms. Companies operating in this space may be required to seek permission from the government and demonstrate their platforms’ compliance with regulations, including consent architecture.

Compliance Requirements

The advisory mandates that companies deploying under-tested or unreliable AI models must obtain explicit permission from the Government of India. Moreover, platforms are urged to implement mechanisms, such as consent popups, to inform users about the potential fallibility or unreliability of AI-generated outputs.

Focus on Electoral Integrity

The advisory underscores the importance of maintaining the integrity of the electoral process, particularly in the face of emerging technologies like AI and deepfakes. Chandrasekhar reiterated the government’s commitment to combating misinformation and ensuring a fair electoral environment.

Action Plan and Timeline

Companies, including Google and OpenAI, have been given 15 days to submit an action taken report in response to the advisory. They are expected to outline measures taken to comply with the regulatory guidelines and address any concerns raised by the government.

In conclusion, the advisory issued by the Centre reflects its proactive approach towards regulating AI technologies to safeguard the integrity of democratic processes. As India braces for the Lok Sabha elections, efforts to combat misinformation and ensure electoral transparency are paramount.

Source: The Indian Express

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