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Special Parliament Session Agenda: Discussion on 75 Years of Parliament History and Key Bills

Special Parliament Session Agenda: Discussion on 75 Years of Parliament History and Key Bills

The upcoming five-day special Parliament session, starting on September 18, will feature a variety of discussions and bills, according to the Lok Sabha bulletin released on Wednesday.

Discussion on 75 Years of Parliament History:

  • The session will kick off with a discussion on the 75-year parliamentary journey. This retrospective discussion will likely reflect on the evolution and significance of India’s parliamentary system over the decades.

Key Bills to Be Taken Up:

  1. Chief Justice of India Replacement Bill: One of the significant bills to be addressed seeks to replace the Chief Justice of India’s role in the committee for selecting the Chief Election Commissioner and Election Commissioners. Instead, a Cabinet Minister nominated by the Prime Minister would take on this role. Additionally, the Leader of the Opposition in Lok Sabha will become a member of the selection committee. This bill comes in response to a Supreme Court ruling that outlined the selection process until parliamentary legislation is enacted.
  2. The Advocates (Amendment) Bill, 2023: This bill, already passed by the Rajya Sabha on August 3, 2023, is expected to be discussed during the session. It likely contains amendments related to the legal profession and advocates’ regulation.
  3. The Press and Registration of Periodicals Bill, 2023: Another bill that has already received approval from the Rajya Sabha will be taken up. This legislation may involve reforms related to the registration and regulation of newspapers and periodicals.

The unveiling of the session’s agenda comes after criticism from the Opposition regarding the secrecy surrounding it. Jairam Ramesh, the Congress general secretary in-charge of communications, expressed concerns about the delayed release of the agenda, highlighting the need for transparency.

This special session of Parliament promises discussions on its rich history and the consideration of important bills that could impact the country’s governance and legal framework.

Source: Indian Express

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