Israel-Hamas War: Day wise Live Updates

Day 17 of Israel-Hamas Conflict: Latest Developments

Amid heightened tensions along the Israeli border, the United Nations reported that over 19,000 individuals have been displaced in Lebanon. Meanwhile, Gaza’s Health Ministry disclosed that within the past 24 hours, Israeli airstrikes have claimed the lives of 266 Palestinians, including 117 children.

The conflict has escalated further, with Israeli warplanes targeting various locations in the Gaza Strip, along with two airports in Syria and a mosque in the occupied West Bank allegedly used by militants. Additionally, reports indicate that a second convoy of humanitarian aid has commenced its journey into Gaza from Egypt.

This prolonged conflict, now in its 17th day, marks the deadliest confrontation between Israel and Gaza to date. The Palestinian Health Ministry reported the death toll in Gaza to be at least 4,651, with a staggering 14,254 individuals wounded in the besieged territory.

In Israel, over 1,400 casualties have been reported, primarily as a result of the initial Hamas attack. The Israeli military has also indicated that 203 individuals were reportedly captured by Hamas during the incursion and taken into Gaza.

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Sources: The Hindu

Israel-Hamas Conflict: Day 16 Latest Updates

Amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, ‘Operation Ajay’ facilitated the departure of 143 individuals, including two Nepalese, from Israel. The Israeli government has confirmed 212 people being held captive in Gaza.

Tragically, the Palestinian Health Ministry reported a staggering death toll of 4,651 individuals in Gaza since the conflict’s initiation on the heels of Hamas’s attacks on Israel on October 7. This number increased from 4,385 on Saturday, with 1,873 children among the casualties. Additionally, 14,245 people have been wounded, underscoring the profound human cost of the conflict.

In response to the dire humanitarian situation, India dispatched aid to Palestine, providing some relief amidst the ongoing crisis.

The Israeli military intensified its aerial bombardment in southern Gaza and announced plans for escalated attacks in the northern enclave. The United States pledged to increase aid to the Palestinian population, addressing the critical shortages of essential supplies like food, water, medicines, and fuel.

Israeli military spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari urged Gazans to relocate south to ensure their safety, just hours before the intensified airstrikes.

In a significant development, the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza opened, allowing crucial aid to flow into the besieged territory. Over 200 trucks carrying approximately 3,000 tons of aid were positioned near the crossing, ready to deliver essential supplies to the Palestinians in need.

For the latest updates on the Israel-Hamas conflict, please refer to reliable news sources.

Source: The Hindu

Adnan Abu Alhaija, the Palestinian Ambassador, conveyed deep gratitude for India’s humanitarian aid, emphasizing the critical importance of this gesture. The blockade imposed over the last two weeks has hindered the delivery of essential supplies, including oxygen, to the Gaza Strip. The timely Indian assistance is poised to make a significant impact as the people of Palestine grapple with the urgent need for aid following the prolonged Israeli blockade.

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