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What is Micellar Water and How does it work?


Prelims: Sci and tech (concepts), Micellar Water
Mains: General Studies III – Science and Technology– Developments and their Applications and Effects in Everyday Life.

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Micellar water, a product found in supermarkets, chemists and bathroom cabinets around the world, is commonly used to remove make-up.


Micellar water 

    • These products contain something called micelles – clusters of molecules that are very effective at removing oily substances. 
    • It is used to remove make up which has combination of oil and water.
    • The micelles in micellar water are formed by special molecules known as surfactants (surface active agent). These molecules looked at their hydrophilic and hydrophobic ends helps to cleanse the product
      • Eg. When applied to a cotton pad, the hydrophilic heads of the micelles are attracted to the wet surface while the hydrophobic tails bind to contaminants on the skin, effectively removing them.
      • Unlike harsh detergents, micellar water contains mild surfactants suitable for skin use.

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