ST Status for Meiteis

The Manipur High Court has permitted tribal bodies to appeal against the contentious March 27 order that recommended Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the Meiteis, sparking violence and causing at least 180 deaths. Advocates for the tribal bodies argue that the Meiteis didn’t prove socio-economic backwardness, a prerequisite for ST status and voiced concerns about potential infringement on existing ST rights. The case, amidst ongoing legal proceedings and judicial changes, calls for a considerate approach addressing all stakeholders’ concerns.Continue Reading

The U.S. vetoed a Brazil-proposed draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council aimed at facilitating humanitarian aid in the Gaza strip amidst the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict. Expressing disappointment at the resolution’s omission of Israel’s right to self-defense, the move marks the recent impasse’s second unsuccessful attempt after Russia’s rejected proposal for a humanitarian ceasefire. Meanwhile, the UK abstained, citing insufficient recognition of Israel’s defensive rights. The deadlock fuels concerns about the prolonged humanitarian crisis in Gaza, prompting calls for urgent action from the international community.
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