India Asserts Diplomatic Parity Actions in Line with Vienna Convention

Diplomatic tensions between India and Canada have escalated due to India asking Canada to reduce its diplomatic staff in the country, citing a need for bilateral parity. The conflict is an extension of allegations by Canadian P.M., Justin Trudeau, about the possible involvement of Indian agents in a murder. India has refuted the allegations, maintaining that its actions accord with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and rejecting safety worries surrounding the withdrawal of Canadian diplomats.Continue Reading

ST Status for Meiteis

The Manipur High Court has permitted tribal bodies to appeal against the contentious March 27 order that recommended Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the Meiteis, sparking violence and causing at least 180 deaths. Advocates for the tribal bodies argue that the Meiteis didn’t prove socio-economic backwardness, a prerequisite for ST status and voiced concerns about potential infringement on existing ST rights. The case, amidst ongoing legal proceedings and judicial changes, calls for a considerate approach addressing all stakeholders’ concerns.Continue Reading