Source: The post is based on the article A new national foundation and the ease of doing research”  published in Indian Express on 29th July 2023.

Research plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, economic growth, and societal progress. However, the research ecosystem in India faces numerous challenges that hinder its full potential. In this article, we delve into the importance of creating a new national foundation to improve the ease of doing research in the country. By addressing existing barriers and promoting a conducive research environment, India can unlock a new era of innovation and knowledge creation.

The Significance of Research Ecosystem

Research serves as a cornerstone for societal development, technological advancement, and economic growth. It fosters innovation, creates knowledge, and addresses critical challenges faced by society. A robust research ecosystem is vital for countries to stay at the forefront of scientific discoveries and technological breakthroughs.

The Need for a New National Foundation

India has a rich legacy in research and has produced numerous eminent scientists and scholars. However, the research ecosystem in the country faces various challenges that impede its growth and impact. Establishing a new national foundation can address these challenges and enhance the ease of doing research in India.

Barriers to Research in India

Several factors contribute to the difficulties faced by researchers in India:

  • Lack of Funding: Limited funding for research projects hinders the pursuit of ambitious and innovative ideas.
  • Bureaucratic Red Tape: Cumbersome bureaucratic processes delay project approvals and hinder timely research progress.
  • Infrastructure and Equipment: Inadequate research infrastructure and access to cutting-edge equipment limit the scope of experiments and studies.
  • Quality of Education and Training: Gaps in the quality of education and research training affect the readiness of researchers for advanced studies.
  • Publication Pressures: Emphasis on quantity over quality in research publications can impact the rigor and credibility of scientific work.

Role of a National Foundation

A new national foundation for research can play a pivotal role in overcoming these barriers and transforming the research landscape in India:

  • Enhanced Funding: The foundation can allocate sufficient funding for research projects, encouraging researchers to explore new ideas and high-impact studies.
  • Streamlined Processes: By simplifying administrative procedures and expediting project approvals, researchers can focus more on their work.
  • State-of-the-art Infrastructure: The foundation can invest in research infrastructure and provide access to advanced equipment, enabling cutting-edge studies.
  • Capacity Building: Emphasis on education and training programs can enhance researchers’ skills and nurture a talented pool of scientists.
  • Quality over Quantity: Encouraging high-quality research output can improve the credibility and impact of Indian scientific studies.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

A new national foundation can foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among researchers, institutions, and industries:

  • Interdisciplinary Research: The foundation can promote interdisciplinary research, fostering collaborations across diverse fields.
  • Industry-Academia Partnership: Encouraging collaboration between academia and industries can bridge the gap between research and real-world applications.
  • International Collaborations: Facilitating international collaborations can expose researchers to global perspectives and expertise.
  • Data Sharing and Open Access: Promoting data sharing and open-access publications can accelerate knowledge dissemination.

Incentives for Research Excellence

Recognizing and incentivizing research excellence can fuel the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries:

  • Awards and Fellowships: The foundation can institute prestigious awards and fellowships to honor exceptional contributions to research.
  • Early Career Support: Supporting early-career researchers can encourage young talents to embark on promising research careers.
  • Patent and Commercialization Support: Incentives for patent filing and technology commercialization can drive innovation and entrepreneurship.


A new national foundation for research can be a game-changer for India’s research ecosystem. By addressing funding challenges, streamlining administrative processes, and investing in infrastructure, the foundation can create a conducive environment for researchers to thrive. Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and incentives for research excellence will further accelerate the pace of innovation and knowledge creation in the country. Establishing a strong research foundation is essential to unlock India’s full potential in the global scientific community and drive the nation towards prosperity and progress.

Source : Indian Express

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – A New National Foundation: Enhancing the Ease of Doing Research

1. Why is research important for societal development?

Research plays a vital role in driving innovation, economic growth, and societal progress by creating knowledge, fostering innovation, and addressing critical challenges.

2. What challenges does the research ecosystem in India face?

The research ecosystem in India faces challenges such as limited funding, bureaucratic red tape, inadequate infrastructure, and publication pressures.

3. Why is there a need for a new national foundation for research in India?

A new national foundation can address the barriers to research, promote a conducive research environment, and enhance the ease of doing research in the country.

4. What role can a national foundation play in research enhancement?

A national foundation can provide enhanced funding, streamline administrative processes, invest in infrastructure, and promote quality research output.

5. How can a national foundation foster collaboration and knowledge sharing?

The foundation can encourage interdisciplinary research, facilitate industry-academia partnerships, promote international collaborations, and support open-access publications.

6. What incentives can a national foundation offer for research excellence?

The foundation can institute awards and fellowships, provide early career support, and offer assistance for patent filing and technology commercialization.

7. How can a new national foundation benefit early-career researchers?

The foundation’s support for early-career researchers can encourage young talents to pursue promising research careers and contribute to the scientific community.

8. What impact can a national foundation have on research quality and credibility?

By emphasizing quality over quantity in research output, the foundation can enhance the credibility and impact of Indian scientific studies.

9. How can international collaborations benefit Indian researchers?

Facilitating international collaborations can expose Indian researchers to global perspectives, expertise, and foster knowledge exchange.

10. How will a national foundation accelerate India’s progress in research and innovation?

By creating a conducive research environment, providing resources, and recognizing research excellence, the foundation can accelerate India’s progress in research and innovation.

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